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Marcotte Veterinary Clinic was founded in 1998 with a focus on providing progressive medical care and superior service to our clients. The clinic is equipped with 4 intensive-care/foaling stalls with 24-hour surveillance, a 6 stall barn, which houses a surgery room, semen laboratory, breeding dummy, and shoeing station. We also feature a pool for swim therapy with 4 stalls available for boarding. Our cattle facility offers an alleyway, hydraulic shoot with headgate, which can lay an animal completely on its side, and 2 stalls. Our grounds feature 2 small turnout pens and 3 paddocks to allow for turn-out hospitalization and boarding.

If you have any questions or comments about how we can care for your pet, please contact us today at (918) 256-2479.


Horses and ponies often receive cuts and other wounds particularly on their face and legs. Many require just simple first aid measures, while others require the attention of your veterinarian. Simple first aid measures can help reduce the risk of infection or further damage.

Your first aid kit should contain the following items:

  • Sterile non-stick dressings (10 x 10 cm or 10 x 20 cm sizes)
  • Cotton wool or Gamgee Roll
  • Bandaging materials including self adhesive sticky and non-sticky bandages
  • Spare clean stable bandage
  • Small bottle of disinfectant, such as Betadine, Hibiscrub, Savlon, or Dettol etc.
  • Scissors
  • Wound poultice dressing