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Equine Swim Therapy

pool1Marcotte Veterinary Clinic houses a 60 feet long swim therapy pool designed for equine conditioning and rehabilitation. The pool itself is 8 feet deep with a chlorinated filtration system and pumps, which provide a current for resistance training.

Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise as water provides 10 times the resistance compared to ground work, while being nearly stress free on the joints. Swimming tones and conditions the body, while increasing the cardiopulmonary capacity, and is great for equine athletes as well as companion animals. Swimming is also beneficial to horses with certain types of leg injuries and horses that have undergone surgery and need to strengthen muscles and build muscle tone. Horses with EPM can benefit from swimming as it aids in rebuilding lost muscle and coordination.

We offer swim training during the first session. Some horses just need a little encouragement to get into the water, but most horses enjoy swimming and are naturals. Our staff is specially trained to assist with swimming, and ensure the safety and enjoyment of your horse.

What to Expect

Our pool is a 60 feet long, 8 feet deep track. Your horse will be swam one-way through the pool and allowed to rest on the opposite end after exiting. This allows us to monitor your horse’s heart rate and condition after each lap. Your horse will continue to swim laps one-way through the pool, with the number of laps increasing each session as your horse builds endurance. Horses can also be left extended stays for this therapy through boarding.